We are David and Danielle, a husband and wife team who simply LOVE escape rooms. We met during the COVID-19 pandemic and spent our time doing escape rooms as a couple. It helped improve our communication and teamwork and by the end of 2020 we were married!

We began reviewing individual rooms because we found that most escape room reviews only review the location and not the rooms themselves. Having experienced our share of gems and dumpsters, we wanted to help others find the best escape rooms in Canada too! 

Want us to review your escape room? We have great search engine result placement and receive searches from across Canada daily. We can help people find your location and find your rooms. We link all reviews directly to your site so visitors can easily book the best escape rooms right away. In short, our reviews drive more sales to your escape room.

Send us a note and we’ll put it on our to-do list! Adding a coupon code greatly increases the likelihood of us being able to visit your room soon. Completing a dozen or so rooms each month adds up. We’d love to get your rooms listed!