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Someone at the Sallinger & Jewel Law Firm has been murdered! It’s your job as part of the Cyber Crime Unit to figure out who the killer is and what their motives were. By utilizing your unique tools you must search for clues online, analyze data, interrogate suspects, and collaborate with your team. Good luck!

4.4Overall Score
  • Puzzle Quality
  • Story Integration
  • Environment
  • Overall Immersion
  • Overall Fun


This was our first virtual escape room and we didn’t really know what to expect. At first I was thrown off by the thought that we would each need our own computer but it quickly made sense as to why. It costs $20CAD to access the game but only one person in your party needs to pay and the rest can join the game remotely. One player will be designated the Detective, while the rest of the players will be Forensic Agents. Each type of player is assigned different pieces of information and you’ll need to communicate together to solve the puzzles.

The puzzles are very careful and do require good communication. I can’t give away too much, but we were blown away by the technical integrations used and how you can actually feel like a detective at an office using what’s around you to solve the puzzle – even while inside your own home.

The story line is clear and well integrated with a clear problem to solve. Everything is presented in a logical order. We only needed to use the hint system once and were very pleased with how that works.

The nice thing about a virtual game is that there is no wear and tear on the props – though we did notice a couple of glitches and are pretty sure they’ll get addressed quickly. My only points of improvement would be to maybe have an interface that was a bit more immersive but I understand that programming that to work on a wide array of devices is quite tricky and so the decision to keep it a bit simpler may be intentional or neccesary here.

This was a fun virtual room that had us working together and communicating well.  If you haven’t yet tried a virtual room, give this one a go! It was a lot of fun.

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