The Tomb

Review of The Tomb Escape Room

Review of The Tomb
at Escape Manor in Ottawa

As you enter, you note the abandoned excavation site. “Someone left in a hurry” you think. You step forward when a horrible chill runs down your spine. “What was that voice?”

3.9Overall Score
  • Puzzle Quality
  • Environment
  • Story Integration
  • Staff Involvement
  • Overall Immersion
  • Overall Fun

Once again Escape Manor’s story-tellers are some of the best around and they set the scene and establish the storyline before you enter the room.  Inside of this room you’ll find a very detailed and well-crafted facade filled with ancient treasures.  You understand why you’re there which helps to boost the overall immersion.

Though there is sign of ware in this older room it doesn’t harm the experience too badly (but it is due for a good fix-up!)  The puzzles are fairly clear and well thought out though I think some of them also suffer from age having been created in the days over overthinking puzzles.  The staff tips via walkie talkie are fitting for the room and the giant sand hourglass is a fitting timer for the room (except it was broken.)

Overall, a good medium room that would benefit from having four to six players present.


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