Review of Neverland: Heist on the High Seas Escape Room

Review of “Neverland: Heist on the High Seas”
at Improbable Escapes in Kingston

The notorious Captain Hook has captured your group and locked you in the brig, deep in the bowels of The Jolly Roger. When dawn breaks the nefarious villain will make you walk the plank, but a new friend has offered you a way out… and she knows where Hook keeps his treasure map. While the crew sleeps you’ll take control of the ship, set a course for the second star to the right and head straight on ‘til morning! You have 60 minutes to dodge Hook’s clutches, find your way to Neverland and escape with riches untold.

This room, and indeed “Seven Dwarfs” Mining Mission redefines the word “immersive.”  I almost feel like I need to re-review other rooms because the bar has been raised so high.

The puzzles were excellent.  There is a wide variety of puzzles involving different skill sets and though processes.  It wasn’t repetitive and it wasn’t predictable.  They were just good, tricky puzzles.

The environment is incredible. The use of audio and lighting and physical products is near-perfect.  There are elements in the room that I have WISHED in the past that others would include and perhaps they just weren’t brave enough to potential spoiler: (to include real sand in rooms that should have sand.) There was only .5 docked from overall immersion for one puzzle that overused technology for the environment (in my opinion) and one mic visible and I would make one tweak to the exit door.  But they’ve done such a good job everywhere else these are really nit-picky things.

The staff have limited involvement here because the hint system is a button on the wall that displays the hint on the screen – we didn’t need any hints in this room! The involvement he did have at the beginning was flawless and set the scene for the room.  The staff are incredible at this location.

We’d rate this room a medium and it will accommodate four players comfortably.

The overall fun was incredible.  We were absolutely blown away by this room and encourage anyone from Montreal to Toronto to Ottawa to make the trip to this location and book a double-header.  It’s worth it!

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