Sleepy Hollow

Review of Sleepy Hollow Escape Room

Review of “Sleepy Hollow”
at Alcatraz in Hamilton

“Haunted by spirits and mysterious deaths, the little town of Sleepy Hollow is in desperate need of a hero.

This is the end of the century and the legend says a curse must be removed before the clock strikes midnight. Otherwise you, and your fellow mates will face another century of terror.”

3.3Overall Score
  • Puzzle Quality
  • Environment
  • Story Integration
  • Staff Involvement
  • Overall Immersion
  • Overall Fun

Sleepy Hollow is at the same location as one of the hardest rooms we’ve done but still enjoyed.  However, this room is a big departure from the immersive experience of The Secret Society.

The immersion level for this room is quite low.  You feel like you’re in a very large room dotted with a mishmash of puzzles.  It’s the sort of room where you forget why you’re there or what you’re doing because the puzzles are so disjointed.

With a theme like Sleepy Hollow, you’d expect it to be a little edgy and a little spooky but it just wasn’t.  There is no staff involvement so it’s a little bit forgettable and a bit more like getting lost in a Costco than solving a murder mystery.

It would be good for large groups of 6 to 10 people because it has several nonlinear components.  Despite that, we didn’t find it very difficult and give it a rating of easy-medium.

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