Review of Twisted Woods Escape Room

Review of “Twisted Woods”
at Confundrum in Burlington

“You’re travelling with your friends when your car runs out of gas near a vacant cabin. You approach the cabin in search for assistance. What you find inside will haunt you forever. Can you get the gas and get away before your fate is sealed?”

Confundrum is the top-rated escape room in Burlington and has a great location with lots of activities to do with your group while you’re waiting or once you’re done.

Twisted Woods was the first scary room that we completed.  The story is well set-up and the experience is creepy from the start.  Confundrum does allow you to vary the scariness-level of the room which is nice – we chose the maximum.

The staff involvement during the gameplay is good.  It gives you some jolts to your heart which you then laugh at yourself for falling for.  The room contains a wide variety of puzzles and the immersion is very good.   Some of the elements are a little worn out from people misusing them which breaks the immersion towards the end, and there is noise from the adjacent rooms at times, but otherwise a decent room.

The difficulty is a medium-hard and you’ll benefit from having 4 people in your party.


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