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      Who We Are

      We’re a husband and wife team that loves escape rooms! Nothing has been better for improving our communication and problem-solving skills than doing back-to-back escape rooms. As some of our hosts can attest, we don’t always agree on the best way to solve a puzzle. We’ve completed over 85 rooms as a duo and have a success rate of over 70%.

      Our escape room reviews are based on our experience and preferences and, while we try to be as objective as possible, our readers will have subjectively different opinions from us, and visit experiences can vary from time to time. We’ve tried to assemble a reliable list of the best escape rooms in Ontario.

      Please try any of the rooms we’ve reviewed for yourself and add your review to our site!

      Want us to review your escape room? Visit the contact page and submit your info. Adding a coupon code for a discount on the rooms greatly increases our ability to visit your room as reviewing a dozen or more escape rooms each month gets expensive!

      Current Escape Room COVID Restrctions in Ontario

      The following changes to public health and workplace safety measures are in effect as of March 1, 2022:

      • capacity limits have been lifted in all indoor public settings
      • proof of vaccination requirements have been lifted
        • businesses and organizations may choose to require proof of vaccination upon entry
      • other protective measures, such as mask/face covering requirements and passive screening of patrons remain in place

      Read more about the COVID restrictions on Escape Rooms here.