9.4 / 10 Our Score
It’s rumoured that Lasalle Mews used to be a hospital. It was called ‘Ambrosia General Hospital’ and it was shut down under mysterious circumstances. It later came to light that the doctors of the hospital were doing strange experiments and dissections on their patients. So, the hospital was shut down, and abandoned. But one day, you folks are walking by LaSalle Mews and decide it’s a great idea to go and explore this abandoned hospital. Two go inside, while the others keep watch outside. Soon after, screams of terror come from inside, and the others go running in after their friends. But, the door slams shut behind them. You are all now locked inside.
Theme Consistency8.5
Story & Puzzle Quality9
Environment & Ambience10
Other Items10

Our first visit to Improbable a year prior to this visit opened our eyes to what an immersive escape room really is. They put so much attention to detail into their builds, their puzzles, and their staff, that it’s hard to fault them in any of their rooms. Rest assured, all of their rooms are great. This room is the best horror escape room in Ontario that we’ve completed.

No joke – this room is the best in class. Is it hard to make a messy, dark, dirty space immersive? Or is it an easy room to add to your offerings? We’ve see a lot of mediocre rooms in this genre and a few bad ones. Improbable has taken the effort to ensure every wall, ceiling, floor, and door, is appropriately marked. The props are as good as you can imagine in an escape room and the staff are killer (see what I did there?).

The puzzles are smart and fit the theme really well. There is one puzzle that isn’t really needed and can be a distraction and we think it should just be removed. It’s a medium difficulty and you’ll want to do this room with 4 people. More than that and it will start to get quite crowded and claustrophobic in this smaller, dark space.

You will jump. You will be surprised. There are unique atmospheric elements in this room that we haven’t seen elsewhere and your senses are in for a treat. If you’re looking for a real experience that will get your brain working and your nerves on edge, this is your room. Scroll up and smash that Book Now button!