9 / 10 Our Score
You are touring the old estate of a once famous inventor known for experimenting with time travel….but who suddenly vanished. Perhaps the mystery of his disappearance can be solved using the artifacts and clues he left behind. Can you rescue him before he is lost ‘out of time’ forever!?
Theme Consistency10
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience10
Other Items8

This venue is in a really cool building right in the center of London. The staff are fantastic – friendly, polite, helpful, and know the rooms well. The foyer is comfortable and the wall decor is pretty cool and worth examining while you wait. The washrooms were really clean and bright. And they have lots of take home escape room games available for purchase.

Is it possible to put more thought into an escape room? I can’t imagine that it is. The amount of work put into spaces you’ll interact with for 30 seconds is more than I’ve seen venues put into entire rooms. The types of puzzle you’ll interact with are not simply combinations and key locks – they’re magical time-bending processes. They’re physical – I mean actual physics. Don’t worry – you don’t need to understand the physics to enjoy their elegant integration. There are some places where instructions are needed on how to solve puzzles which can sometimes indicate that a puzzle isn’t intuitive enough. However, it was still very enjoyable to work through the process and see the magic come to life.

How do you make a time travel room feel truly magical? Why, by having your actions in the past effect the future, of course! While there could be a slightly better tying of the story into the cause and effect, it’s still really cool. And like their other rooms, your senses are going to be in for a treat as a you’re immersed into a 360 degree experience.

This room can handle 4 to 6 players comfortably and some puzzles can be completed simultaneously, allowing your group to break into individuals or pairs to make progress faster. This is a medium to difficult room that got the best of us and we ran our time (despite our efforts to manipulate time itself).

Definitely, check this room out. “A Brief Mystery Of Time”, along with the other rooms at Trapdoor, is really good and you should scroll up and hit that Book Now button right away.