8 / 10 Our Score
Aliens are abducting Earth’s most purrscious resource – kittens! Sneak aboard their spaceship, find your cat, and get to the escape pod. Can you save your feline friend from becoming an alien appetizer??
Theme Consistency9
Story & Puzzle Quality7
Environment & Ambience8
Other Items8

This venue is in a really cool building right in the center of London. The staff are fantastic – friendly, polite, helpful, and know the rooms well. The foyer is comfortable and the wall decor is pretty cool and worth examining while you wait. The washrooms were really clean and bright. And they have lots of take home escape room games available to purrrrrchase.

I haven’t found many space-themed / spaceship-themed escape rooms that I really enjoy. They always come across as being really cheesy and obviously just made of wood. However, this room is different. As with all of their rooms, there is an intentional 360 degrees of immersion including appropriate audio and lighting, and making use of projection, and windows that let you see outside of the space ship, opening up the space to beyond the walls. You’ll need to take a moment to paws and take it in.

The puzzles are, like all of their rooms, unique and custom fur the space. And like their other rooms, we were presented with unique puzzles we’d never seen before. That’s always a nice treat as an escape room enthusiast and as a casual escape room visitor – it scratches the itch for something new. There is a solid mix of physical, visual, and logical puzzles – don’t worry, there’s no math.

You’ll be rushing home to tell people the tail.

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