9.3 / 10 Our Score
For centuries, countless clairvoyants and conjurers have begun their careers at Wizzle Wozzle’s, trained under the watchful eye of Headmaster Margaret Meedstool. Graduates go on to glory and greatness, but the Academy accepts only the most promising witchlings and would-be-warlocks! All aspiring apprentices must pass the Academy’s entry exam, and it’s your turn to be tested. The TriWizard Trials will take all of your sorcerous skills. Brew potions, charm mythical beasts, and prepare for your final test: a challenge of heart, mind and magic that reveals the true character of those who attempt it… For better or for worse. With a flick of a wand and a little bit of luck, prove yourself worthy of wizardry! Enter the halls of Wizzle Wozzle’s Academy, cast your way through the entrance exam, and take your place amongst history’s mightiest sorcerers!
Theme Consistency10
Story & Puzzle Quality10
Environment & Ambience9
Other Items8

Our first visit to Improbable a year prior to this visit opened our eyes to what an immersive escape room really is. They put so much attention to detail into their builds, their puzzles, and their staff, that it’s hard to fault them in any of their rooms. Rest assured, all of their rooms are great. Danielle said that this was her favourite room she’s done so far.

This is a highly immersive space that cleverly uses the building’s old stone columns with built sets. The props here are, again, top-notch. We’re impressed by the level of thought that goes into everything from the puzzle logic to the puzzle build to the details of the room. Some truly magical things occur in this room as you try to prove yourself as an aspiring apprentice. There are no traditional locks – and why would there be?

Want a hint? Be observant. This goes for all of their rooms. The more you absorb the information around you, the better you’ll be able to solve the puzzles. This room is a medium-hard difficulty and you’ll need to be quick. This is one of the largest spaces at Improbable HQ but is ideally suited for 4, maybe 5, people.

You’ll encounter magical creatures, familiar wizard themes, potions, spells, magic wands – the only thing missing is a floating pointy hat. Head on up to the top of the page and hit Book Now!