8.8 / 10 Our Score
“The cold case known as the “New Haven Orphanage Disappearances” is infamous in your town, Havenport. The mysterious disappearance of the kids that used to call it home has been said to be the work of a demonic force. As up and coming police officer’s you’ve been tasked with solving the case. Will you solve it or simply become the next to go missing?”
Theme Consistency8
Story & Puzzle Quality9
Environment & Ambience8
Other Items10

New Haven Orphanage is one of the better horror-themed rooms we’ve done and when you choose the hardest difficulty along with the cast interactions, the quality and immersion really go up.

Whenever I think of a room that really incorporates live actors well, it’s always Confundrum. Twisted Woods also does a good job, but New Haven Orphanage is something else.

The storyline is very clearly laid out and you know what your goal is from start to finish.  All the puzzles relate perfectly to the storyline.  The environment is really good – one of the best visually with appropriate lighting and audio throughout.  However, the room is older and has seen its share of abuses. There are a lot of detached props and, let’s face it, the sight of glue on a detached piece of the room definitely breaks the immersion.

The medium-hard room is excellent and you should do it.  4 to 6 players in this room is perfect.

In spite of some wear and tear it is a very good room and great immersion, however, Confundrum, you need to take a day to turn all the lights back on and fix everything that’s detached in your rooms.  Your success has caused your rooms to get worn down!

This room made our list of the Best Immersive Escape Rooms.

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