6.3 / 10 Our Score
"As you and friends are on a road trip and traveling through an unfamiliar neighbourhood the most unfortunate thing happens; your car breaks down. You’re in a rough part of town so you must navigate through and figure out a way to re-start your car or find an alternative route home."
Theme Consistency8
Story & Puzzle Quality7
Environment & Ambience7
Other Items3

This is one of the few we’ve been to where a single large room actually works well.  The immersion could be slightly improved through a better introduction and some details added to the room itself, but it does have some nice touches like the rolling garage door to the outside and a cute little yellow car in the room.  This is in stark contrast to our least favourite room in which you used the car key in a keyhole on the wall.  It does need some ambient sound – the sounds of traffic or the city in the background would wrap this room up nicely.

The staff here are always friendly but are not involved at all in this room once it is running.

It seems much easier to make puzzles fit into real-world environments.  Everything makes sense and there is a good variety of puzzle types.  This room could easily keep 4 to 8 people busy and has multiple puzzles that require teamwork.

This room is a solid medium with a variety of skills needed to be successful.