7.5 / 10 Our Score
Theme Consistency7
Story & Puzzle Quality10
Environment & Ambience7
Other Items6

Looking Glass Adventures is rated very well on Google which is probably what lead you to search for specific room reviews! We decided to do all of their rooms in one night so we can tell you which room is your best option. The staff here were great – friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgable of the puzzles, stories, and location. There are snacks and drinks available as well as a wide range of games available for purchase.

We’ve done a few rooms now where you start “outside” and this one is in the top range of immersion – but not quite the top. The lighting and audio cues are really good, the decor is really good, and the puzzles are well integrated. The “inside the houses” portion is also well made and is probably more challenging and interesting with more people. It would’ve been nice to see a little more in this space. Theme spoiler: I personally don’t love crossover themes where you move from one genre to another because I feel like it’s hard to keep the immersion. My suggestion would be to make the inside of the home more like the inside of a home but include the special elements that are already in there.

There’s a nice variety of themed puzzles but I will warn you – there’s some math involved! They did a clever job of making custom puzzles and electronic integrations. I was able to guess the answer to one of the puzzles fairly easily using hints in the room that aren’t directly related to the puzzle. There’s a good progression through the space, everything makes sense, and everything worked. We completed the room in about 25 minutes as a team of two and would rate it an easy-medium. The space is large enough for 5 or 6 people but 4 people would be just about right and would slow you down a little so you can enjoy the time!

Overall, a well-made room, good puzzles, good immersion, but lost a few points for having a bit too little to do, and because we think the immersion can be improved while transitioning through spaces.

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