8 / 10 Our Score
Ms. Maryweather is a world renowned archaeologist and explorer however her collection of artifacts is in jeopardy. You and your team will have 1 hour to navigate through her stately manor to try to find the most prized possession. But what is it? Value means different things to different people.
Theme Consistency9
Story & Puzzle Quality9
Environment & Ambience7
Other Items7

Looking Glass Adventures is rated very highly on Google which is probably what lead you to search for specific room reviews! We decided to do all of their rooms in one night so we can tell you which room is your best option. The staff here were great – friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgable of the puzzles, stories, and location. There are snacks and drinks available as well as a wide range of games available for purchase.

This room is well built and there are virtually no off-limit items. The majority of props are in good condition and there are nice finishing touches throughout the room. Everything seemed to fit well with the story and theme. Appropriate ambient lighting throughout the space is combined with nice audio queues. The help system in all of their rooms is a theme-appropriate phone which you simply lift for help. You’re addressed as “agents” or “wizards” depending on the room which is a nice touch.

There was a good variety of puzzles and it didn’t feel too easy or too few but we managed to breeze through this room in 25 minutes with 2 people. Perhaps we were just having a really good night! The space is large and could accommodate 6 people easily though 4 is probably the sweet spot. We’d rate it an easy-medium difficulty, depending on your experience. Slight spoiler: We did experience one red-herring in this room which usually I don’t like but it didn’t waste much time and we were able to easily adapt.

Overall, this is a well-made, immersive room in a great location with great staff. If you like a modern room with ancient Egypt flavouring, and you’re looking for a room that isn’t too hard, this is a great choice. Hit that Book Now button at the top of the page!