A famous pizzeria, popular for its amazing celebrations of children birthdays parties which hosts musical shows conducted by animatronics had shut down after some children went missing. Rumor has it the animatronics come to life at night, and they roam around trying to abduct kids. The authorities investigated the claims but found nothing. You are a group of ex military contractors that been hired to blow the place up. You have one hour to set the self-destruct sequence and escape before the animatronics come to get ya.

First off, we really like the staff and owner at this location. Secondly, this location is LLBO licensed! That means you can enjoy an alcoholic drink before or after your room – but not in your room. So come early or plan to stay later when your room is done.

The location is newer and it has a few things that feel a bit new. The central area needs a bit of organization and tidying up. It had a bit of a “just moved in” feel. But otherwise, the facilities are nice with lots of parking.

This room is a unique build by the owner of the Guelph location and can’t be found at any other Trapped location. It’s also only scheduled to be operational until June 2024! If you’re going to visit, don’t hesitate. Book it before it’s gone.

The puzzles in this room are fairly well thought out and the progression through the room is logical. Only one of the puzzles had us questioning the approach a bit. The space can accommodate 3 to 4 players well but is definitely doable as a duo. We’d rate this a medium-easy room.

The ambience is decent with variations in lighting and good audio cues. This room is intended to be an abandoned restaurant so some of the elements being a bit worn out or unfinished could be very intentional. However, it felt a bit like some elements were simply incomplete rather than worn down and abandoned. In our opinion there are too many of the wrong types of props (on the desk), and too few other thematic props that would finish off the space. Given the theme we would’ve liked to have seen more jump scare elements either through technology or a live actor.

There’s so much potential to this theme that we felt this room came a bit short of the mark. However, if you like the brand or are looking for a creepy setting with its fair share of blood splatter, give this room a try!