There have been decades of debate among researchers about the possibility of tunnels and chambers underneath this beast’s paws. The rumors about this great statue became so wild, and debated that there is a hidden library, called the Hall of Records, which holds the answers to the Great Pyramids, the history of mankind, and the only exit. Can you uncover the long-buried secrets of mankind and find the Hall of Records? Or will you become the next victims of the pharaoh’s curse?

First off, we really like the staff and owner at this location. Secondly, this location is LLBO licensed! That means you can enjoy an alcoholic drink before or after your room – but not in your room. So come early or plan to stay later when your room is done.

The location is newer and it has a few things that feel a bit new. The central area needs a bit of organization and tidying up. It had a bit of a “just moved in” feel. But otherwise, the facilities are nice with lots of parking.

This room is one of Trapped’s signature rooms and is available at Barrie, Burlington, Guelph, and Markham locations. We completed this room in Guelph.

It’s a well designed room with enough to keep four players engaged and lots of space to move around. It’s ideal with three players but we were able to complete it with just two – you could fit six but some may be idle at times. The room is fairly well made with decent attention to detail. The props are great (no doubt helped by the fact that it’s a newer location). Audio cues and lighting variations help to complete the ambience.

A couple of the puzzles involve some deeper thinking and we’d rate this room a medium to medium hard. This location offers you varying difficulty levels (we did the hard version).

There are some minor areas that need a bit more paint to feel complete but it’s generally well made. The puzzles all worked well but there was one spot that we wish the item needed was a bit more obvious. It would be nice to have additional elements in this room like smoke, a painted floor, and some better hidden electronics.

This room is worth checking out!