The Membership has created a place of unreality where magics items are kept safe. A place where they won’t harm anyone. ​But something has gone wrong in this bubble of unreality. It’s up to the newest members of The Membership to investigate and hopefully put right all that has gone so terribly wrong. The whole world of reality is depending on you. Be careful, be strong, be smart but most of all, be quick. You don’t have much time.

I really like Fantescapes. The hosts are very welcoming and friendly and no how to wrangle a crowd (which is partially why they made our best escape room for corporate events list!) The waiting area is cozy with great seating and tons of neat little things to look at.

The room itself is very immersive. It’s really well made and feels like you’re in a 1920s library or records department. All of the decor and props are appropriate for the story and era. There’s excellent use lighting and sound throughout the experience. The live actor makes the immersion complete as you interact with them throughout the time that you’re in there.

The puzzles are cleverly presented to you and are very logical but you may need to consider different ways of solving the puzzle if you get stuck. With each puzzle there is an “easy mode” envelope with some tips to get you started if you’re having a hard time. The live actor can also be bribed with items you’ve found.

This is a great room, immersive, great puzzles, and a lot of fun. We think that it’s a medium difficulty room that a group of 3 or 4 would do great at no matter their experience level. We were able to complete the room using one easy mode card. There was a slight hiccup with the very last puzzle but we’re confident that they’ve looked into fixing it.

We definitely recommend giving it a go if you’re looking for an escape room in Guelph!