8.8 / 10 Our Score
Story & Puzzles9
Other Items9

You are about to explore a dig site that holds one of history’s greatest mysteries. Remember: last year, in the Valley of the Kings, a world-renowned Egyptologist undertook research on a still unknown pharaoh… These were mysteriously interrupted and no one to date has had the audacity to take up the torch… to you. You finally want to lift the veil on the truth that these sacred places contain.

We recently travelled to Quebec City and of course had to complete a few rooms while here. First, yes, you can do this room entirely in English or French. The short review – a great location with a highly engaged staff and really thoughtful builds. The staff help to make the experience. They really are great and stay in character from the moment of introduction to the end of the room which we really appreciate. A slightly hidden door on the street level leads to a very spacious location with lots of rooms, lockers, and seating.

This was one of those special rooms to us that had us going “no way!” and “wow!” This room could be done with 2 to 4 people comfortably and is a medium-hard rating in our books. We’ve done so many ancient Egypt rooms that I think we may have a chance at exploring real archaeological digs at this point. Having said that, this is one of the better ones due to the attention to detail in the props, the immersion created by staff, and incredible ambience.

The variety of lighting and ambient audio is complimented by a variety of appropriate build materials and high quality props. You do need to be a little nimble and comfortable with tight spaces.

The puzzles are a mix of physical and tech, spacial, and traditional. You will need good communication and teamwork to complete this room on time (this was our 110th room together and we made it with just 3 minutes to spare!) If you get stuck, use a hint. In my opinion, the puzzle at the end is very well thought out and a group of geniuses could complete it without any hints. Use a hint if you need to.

The wrap up needs a little bit of flair but that’s one of the few places I could fault them. It’s a great experience – one of our best rated. Make sure you check this room out.