7.3 / 10 Our Score
Story & Puzzles7
Other Items5

You are condemned to death for a crime that you did not commit… Locked up in the prison of St-Roch, you have only one idea in mind: to escape. Luckily, death row hides the bridles of the unsuccessful attempts of your unfortunate predecessors. No time to lose, the fateful hour is coming.

We recently travelled to Quebec City and of course had to complete a few rooms while here. First, yes, you can do this room entirely in English or French. The short review – a great location with a highly engaged staff and really thoughtful builds. The staff help to make the experience. They really are great and stay in character from the moment of introduction to the end of the room which we really appreciate. A slightly hidden door on the street level leads to a very spacious location with lots of rooms, lockers, and seating.

We were told that the first room was going to take us longer and not get frustrated. It did take longer. We did get frustrated. I don’t love having to spend too much time searching for things. I have a bit of a mindset that escape rooms are about solving puzzles, not searching for things. You will need to search. However, once you’ve found these items, you’re back to typical puzzles. There is very little tech in this room and mainly physical locks. The number of puzzles actually felt a bit light for such a big space.

If you are afraid of the dark, let them know before you go into the space. Keep your wits about you. The puzzles are very doable and all the information you need is available – you just need to search for it. There is some agility required in this space and indeed all of the rooms we did here.

The setting is an old prison and there were times I was actually grossed out by the apparent grime. I had to remind myself – this is a set. It’s made to look like this, everything’s fine. This is the level of detail that A Double Tour puts into their rooms. You forget that you’re just in a room, in an office building, on a small street beside a pub. You’re NOT in a cell in a 100 year old prison. This is one of their first rooms and some items have seen some wear.

The staff are awesome here and worth another mention. Their hint system in this room is all done in character through the walls as if by another inmate. I love that. It is so immersive. Additionally, the ambient audio and lighting are perfect for each space you move through. They improvise and act along with you. We received a bit more help than we wanted so make sure you make your preferences know. NOT a criticism of their staff – just communicate what you’d like if you don’t want too much help.

While this wasn’t our favourite room at this location, it was fun and would be a good medium difficulty room for 3 to 4.