9 / 10 Our Score
Story & Puzzles9
Other Items9

Do you know what happens between life and death? Before the devil takes your soul forever, you’re offered a deal. “Just sign that contract, take a little walk through my memories and find the way out…”
If you prove you’re faster than him, he brings you back to life otherwise, it’s straight to hell.
It’s a chance to take… One thing is sure, you will have your trip by entering the tales and legends of Quebec.

We recently travelled to Quebec City and of course had to complete a few rooms while here. First, yes, you can do this room entirely in English or French. The short review – a great location with a highly engaged staff and really thoughtful builds. The staff help to make the experience. They really are great and stay in character from the moment of introduction to the end of the room which we really appreciate. A slightly hidden door on the street level leads to a very spacious location with lots of rooms, lockers, and seating.

This experience takes you through a series of rooms themed on various Quebec folklore. I with I knew more about it because as it was explained afterwards, all of the very detailed decor made so much sense. All three areas are quite different and some of the best we’ve seen for each genre. We made recommendations for a couple of more powerful springs on two doors that are meant to pop open but otherwise, great space.

Like all of their rooms, their construction is incredible but may require a bit of agility. The lighting is unique and appropriate for each space while ambient audio brings it all together. Even when my flashlight died, a replacement was brought by a staff member in character. We normally dock points for things like that because it breaks immersion however, he did it so well, it really didn’t feel like a break.

The puzzles were a range of spacial, object association, basic musical knowledge, and word puzzles. The spaces aren’t large and more than 3 people may feel a bit cramped but a variety of experiences will be helpful.

Definitely do this room. It was a lot of fun and really well made. If you can, read a bit of Quebec folklore before you go!