9 / 10 Our Score
Story & Puzzles9
Other Items8

You are confused as you find yourself in this hospital waiting room surrounded by a few loved ones. This room seems rather abandoned with a rather creepy look. What is going on ?

Quebec City really blew us away with the quality of rooms available and Eliviascape helped solidify that perspective. All of their rooms are available in both English and French. The staff are very kind and the owner was excited to explain the deep story lines that inspired the rooms. He built all of the technology himself and the builds are incredible.

Abstraction starts you off in a hospital waiting room with seemingly nothing available to you in terms of problem solving, but what you are given, is the perfect amount to start this adventure off. This sort of minimalist approach helps drive that immersive feeling. We saw really unique puzzles in this space that we hadn’t seen before. I can think of at least five challenges that we hadn’t seen before. That’s very impressive once you get to three-digit quantities.

We can’t say enough about the quality of the builds. Moving through multiple spaces each one feels like a unique and real space. This space is creepy and they got me good with a scare. I saw it coming so I called my partner over to see and it STILL got me. Every space has unique lighting and tons of unique ambient audio which I really appreciate. The hints are done quite well using voice actors through hidden speakers. There were a couple of times that we needed a hint via a walkie talkie and that wasn’t ideal for immersion. We recommended a couple of audio changes but recognize that it would be very difficult to modify recorded audio!

I loved this space and it will go down as a favorite that I will tell people about for a long time. You should do this room.