6.6 / 10 Our Score
Theme Consistency7
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience5.5
Other Items6

Your friends have been locked into a prison cell and you’ve managed to make your way into the guards room. Your next steps are to open the cell the door and find a way to escape all together.

The build in this room is solid with all of the items you’d expect to see but also some other pieces that really don’t fit the theme. Most of the puzzles were quite logical with a mix of techniques required to solve various challenges. Coming up with a variety of puzzle styles seems to be one of Crux’s strengths.

The space is quite large and a group of 4 to 8 people would be relatively comfortable in here though it is possible to complete even with 2 people. It’s a medium-easy room that is great for beginners but fun for individuals who have done a dozen or so rooms.

We found the lighting bright and lacking the sort of ambience you’d expect to see during a prison break. It also lacks any sort of ambient audio. These are fairly minor adjustments that would entirely change the atmosphere and immersion of the space. The final puzzles became quite technical which is plausible but not realistic and felt like they just wanted to fit this piece of tech into an existing room.

Overall, an okay room for a large party of newer players – like a corporate exercise perhaps?