7.8 / 10 Our Score
Story & Puzzles7
Other Items7

You land in a mysterious burrow… As you explore the paradoxical places, you learn that the queen of this absurd world does not appreciate your presence: she would probably prefer you without a head! You have invited each other unsuspectingly and now the way out is unknown to you.

We recently travelled to Quebec City and of course had to complete a few rooms while here. First, yes, you can do this room entirely in English or French. The short review – a great location with a highly engaged staff and really thoughtful builds. The staff help to make the experience. They really are great and stay in character from the moment of introduction to the end of the room which we really appreciate. A slightly hidden door on the street level leads to a very spacious location with lots of rooms, lockers, and seating.

This is your classic Alice in Wonderland room. What starts off as a journey down rabbit hole leads you to a smaller world of puzzling guests and an enigmatic and physically challenging space. If you’re a bit larger, like me, or a group of 2, you may find this room to be an acrobatic adventure as you race against time. We recommend minimally 3 people and probably 4. More than that and you will find yourself running into each other.

The puzzles were logical and the order of execution was fairly linear until the final space where it will be beneficial to have multiple people moving around solving multiple problems at once. Everything was well themed. Most locks and puzzles are traditional/physical and not technology driven which is a nice change.

The atmosphere and immersion are great making use of clever construction, appropriate lighting, and audible cues. The hint system in this room is fantastic and we’ve only been to a handful of rooms where the host is involved in your progress. While not exactly a live actor, we do give points in this category because of the involvement of the hosts.

There was some minor noise from adjacent rooms or hallways and we’d love to see a more immersive wrap up at the end, but this was a great room that is worth exploring.