8.3 / 10 Our Score
“A gurney, a physician’s scale, jars filled with—god only knows—and the door slams shut behind you. “Is our tour guide coming back?” you whisper. A scream from beyond the door freezes your blood.”
Theme Consistency8
Story & Puzzle Quality10
Environment & Ambience7
Other Items8

Similar to The Final Viewing, this room begins with a narrative delivered by the host who did an excellent job of setting the scene for us.  The combination of visuals and audio effects do an excellent job of setting the stage for a truly maddening escape room.  The puzzles are presented in unique ways and there were even a couple of new challenges for us.

The help system at Escape Manor is very well thought out and feels like part of the room rather than just a box on the wall and that really helps with immersion.

Escape Manor is a restaurant and bar and you can actually bring your drinks into the room if you’d like (we didn’t.)  This was the second room we did here and both quickly became two of our favourites.  They’re just really good rooms, in a cool place, with great staff.

We’d rate this room as a solid medium and can be done by two players but is large enough for groups of 4 to 6.