8 / 10 Our Score
You have been tasked with a new mission by your archaeological team: you must enter a Mayan temple and secure the lost cup of the King. You gather your most trusted allies, jump in a helicopter, and embark on an adventure to find this highly sought after cup that has been missing for thousands of years. You and your team must be prepared to crawl through the jungle, slide into the temple, and discover the ancient secrets of the Mayan people. This comes with one catch: the helicopter will leave in one hour, with or without you.
Theme Consistency9
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience7
Other Items8

Our first visit to Improbable a year prior to this visit opened our eyes to what an immersive escape room really is. They put so much attention to detail into their builds, their puzzles, and their staff, that it’s hard to fault them in any of their rooms. Rest assured, all of their rooms are great.

You start off in a camp setting and, as you explore the jungle around you, you’ll find yourself going deeper into a world of discovery – I really want to list out the cool things you’ll encounter but I don’t want to ruin the surprises! You know that speech you get at the beginning? Nothing is behind the wall, you don’t need to climb, you don’t need to pull up floorboards, you don’t need to crawl… etc? You need to break just about all of the rules in this room. (But also listen to the rules! They’re different but important!) It is a more physical space which is perfect for the theme of jungle exploration.

There are a lot of puzzles. And, in typical Improbable fashion, you are not. necessarily lead from one obvious puzzle to the next. You will need to explore. This makes this room somewhat linear, and somewhat non-linear where things can sometimes happen in parallel. This is great for a group of 4 to 6 players as you can break off into groups of two to solve problems. There is a mixture of traditional lock and ancient Mayan physical puzzles.

The immersion is good here, but I think it is one of their older rooms as it’s missing some of the more luxurious finishing touches of their other spaces. However, it is a great room. At one point I was actually confused about what elevation I was at compared to the ground floor of the building. I let myself get lost myself in the space to that degree… The audio and lighting and physical elements of the room are really good.