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6.8 / 10 Reviewer
"In this title, a terrible threat hangs over London, and the Crown of England needs your help! Your mission is to find four devices hidden in secret locations and defuse them before midnight. A single mistake, and the situation could degenerate quickly…"
Puzzle Quality7
Physical Quality6
Fun to Play6

This escape-room-in-a-box takes you on a journey through London where you and your party must find and defuse a series of bombs.  As you travel through the deck you are given very clear instructions, so, if this is your first escape-room-in-a-box don’t be worried!

The puzzles in this box are a surprisingly decent variety given the simplicity of the physical materials.  We did this with two people and found that it was quite doable but 3 to 4 players could do this sitting around a table.  Because your success depends partially on the amount of time it takes to complete, having more people and powering through the answers could help.  But be careful!  You do get penalized for getting things wrong.

While most fo the puzzles themselves were good, we felt the diversion in the storyline was just too far-fetched and turned a real-world narrative into a sci-fi narrative.  There were also a few puzzles that we failed at and, when looking at the answers, felt like they just didn’t make much sense either.

Overall, an okay concept, medium difficulty, but definitely room to improve.