“Rumors have spread about the house on 54th street. Children gone missing, strange noises, and a rancid stench that can only be described as nightmarish. As a young group of miscreants, you decide it would be comical to go and bother the old lady who lives there. When you go to knock on the door, it quietly creaks open. You take but a few steps inside the dark, dank house before you start hearing a jingling noise coming from above. As you continue into the house you find a rickety old staircase leading upstairs. You attempt to climb the stairs as slowly and quietly as you can. Upon reaching the top of the stairs you see a dark figure, rocking back and forth, slowly inching towards you. Your courage fails you and you decide to flee the creepy house. You turn around only to come face to face with a little old lady. You stumble, as she stands there, cackling. Your vision starts to blur, and you pass out, but not before noticing a heavy key ring on her hip. You awake, still with your friends in what you can only assume is the attic. I would suggest leaving… before she comes back.”

We have not yet completed a review of Grandma’s Attic at Zenith Escape Rooms in Barrie. We hope to experience this room soon.