6.5 / 10 Our Score
"Merlin forgot where he hid King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur, and it is powerless without it’s jewel! You have been given access to Merlin’s bunker and you must decipher Merlin’s puzzles to return Excalibur’s jewel and make the sword whole once more. Can you find Excalibur in time, or will King Arthur’s Kingdom be dethroned?"
Story & Puzzles8
Other Items4

Before you read on, we want to encourage you to visit this location. This young entrepreneur is doing some really interesting stuff and has put together some great puzzles and a well-thought-out story. While the room lost some points for immersion and some props that could be improved, it’s a good experience and you won’t regret going.

The intro to the room is well made and entertaining and you get a clear understanding of the goal inside the room. The puzzles are well thought out and there are some great custom wooden puzzles that fit really well with the theme. There’s a great combination of puzzle styles and it all fits very well with the story. There was only one puzzle where we made a suggestion on how to tweak the instructions to be a little more clear, but overall an excellent job with the puzzles that is reflected in the score.

The overall immersion score is high because of how well the items fit with the room. However, there are some fairly easy things that could be done to make this a deeper immersion. I would consider adding some draped fabric to the ceiling to lower the height and hide the drop ceiling. We’d also encourage the builder to hide the electronics behind some faux wood or stone and replace one of the decor elements we spoke about.

This is a new location with a younger entrepreneur though and we know he’ll do great things. COVID hit new locations very hard and we applaud him for being where he is today.

Please do go check out the excellent things that he’s doing there. This room was a good medium-difficulty that has room for 4 to 6 players comfortably.

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