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7.3 / 10 Our Score
"As top agents of T.Y.M.E. Corp, your mission is to go back in time to follow Mr. E's tracks, successfully recover the items, and return them all where they belong to restore the timeline. Just remember we can only keep the time portal open for an hour, if you don't make it back before that, you will become part of history itself..."
Theme Consistency8
Story & Puzzle Quality7
Environment & Ambience6
Other Items8

Ruze is a clever space tucked away in the basement of a building on Brant St. The foyer is pretty small and very light on the decor BUT don’t let this turn you off or take away from your upcoming experiences. These puzzle masters know how to put together a good challenge.

One nice extra about Ruze is that you can do bonus puzzles to collect “time fragments” which you can redeem for some small prizes.

This room is a journey through time! Another great room by Ruze that features a range of great decor, lighting, and audio. In addition, a range of smart and logical puzzles that matches the various stages you will travel through. I am worried about noise from other rooms breaking immersion when there’s more groups there because the walls tend not to go right to the ceiling.

Ruze likes to give you a briefcase of tools you’ll need on the job as opposed to just handing you your notepad and flashlight. In this room, your briefcase is locked and you’ll need to unlock it when the time is right.

Though we did complete this room in time with two people, it was pretty close. You could be comfortable in this place with 2 to 6 players.

I would love to see Mr. E represented in their rooms by an actor, even if it’s over the radio, or leaving a room through a locked door, just as you enter it. Overall, a fun experience that we’d recommend trying.