7.8 / 10 Our Score
We have received some detrimental timeline-altering information. Recently, we detected not just one, but three occurrences of "timeline-tampering" making this case a Category Five alert. There is clear evidence that these items have been carefully selected to maximize timeline destruction. The only good news is that the last detected signal was located in his home, which we already have a portal to after escaping his Bloom Laboratory. Knowing this, HQ has decided to change your ongoing mission of pursuing Mr. E to acquiring intel on the whereabouts of this high-tech container."
Theme Consistency7
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience8
Other Items8

Ruze is a clever space tucked away in the basement of a building on Brant St. The foyer is pretty small and very light on the decor BUT don’t let this turn you off or take away from your upcoming experiences. These puzzle masters know how to put together a good challenge.

One nice extra about Ruze is that you can do bonus puzzles to collect “time fragments” which you can redeem for some small prizes.

Project:Home is a continuation of Project:Bloom. We did these rooms back to back and the flow from one experience to the next is very smooth. We recommend that, if you’re able to, you book these two experiences together and do the 2-hour experience.

The build of this second room is much better than the first and is a fully immersive experience with variations in decor, lighting, and audio. There are multiple very unique spaces with very thoughtful and unique puzzles. The storyline is very well integrated and hints you’ll be surprised how many “hidden” items weren’t really hidden at all.

We did this room with 2 people but failed by 2 puzzles. You are offered three different endings in this room which affect the difficulty of completion. If you’re falling behind, you may want to choose the easy way out. This room would be great with 3 to 6 people. Don’t forget to look for those time fragments!