8.3 / 10 Our Score
"An underground Russian medical research facility experimenting with reanimating dead cells has gone into emergency lockdown. Only your team can stop a further outbreak. Will you save Siberia, save the world, and SeCure humanity's future?"
Story & Puzzles9
Other Items8

As we said in our other reviews for this location, this location is fantastic. We loved the owner, Dale, we loved the decor, we loved the rooms. This place has a huge selection of board games available to play while you wait, drinks and snacks, and six physical escape rooms.

This is another BIG space with lots to do. We just barely completed this room on time with two people but it was a real challenge. We highly recommend having 4 to 8 people in this room. There is plenty of room and a lot to take in. Having more people will make sure you don’t miss anything! There are a variety of puzzle styles and a lot of area to cover.

The storyline is fun and there is an appropriate creepy factor to this room. You can tell a lot of work went into creating this very elaborate space that is loaded with appropriate props and clever surprises. It is a darker room in some areas and there are flashing lights in this space. The ambient audio and general lighting do a great job of setting the atmosphere. I would love to see some additional effects in here like a blast of CO2! That would just be the cherry on the icing of this already-delicious cake.

Although this was not our favourite of their rooms I think that with more people it will be even better. As mentioned, there’s lots to do. Get your crew together and go check it out!