7.8 / 10 Our Score
"An investigation begins the day after an attempted heist at a museum. Despite being brought in for questioning as suspects, unease led to your attempted escape. Staying too long may lead to your arrest, or perhaps worse!"
Story & Puzzles8
Other Items6

I’ll start off by saying that District 3 is a great escape room in Regina that is worth the drive from the surrounding area (we drove in from Hamilton, Ontario!) David and the game other hosts are enthusiastic and passionate and are the icing on the cake of a great experience. Their location has a huge set of board games for purchase and virtual escape rooms for you to try.

The interrogation room is a nice departure from typical rooms. District 3 is very good at coming up with new settings and storylines, and they’re great at making realistic spaces for you to play in. They have a clever way of pointing out “out of play” objects that doesn’t break immersion. If you can move it, try moving it.

This room would be great with 4 people but was a little tough to beat with just 2 – we barely made it! The build of the first room is fantastic but the second area could use work. Maybe. I find office spaces really tough to make realistic. They’re either too sparse, or props look out of place, or I don’t know what most real offices look like. Nevertheless, it’s a great space that has a good assortment of locks, puzzles, and tools.

While it wasn’t our favourite room at this location it was a fun experience and a well made room. Get together four friends and give it a try!