6 / 10 Our Score
"There has been a series of kidnappings near a cabin. After locking your group up, the kidnapper leaves to find more trespassers. In trying to escape, you begin to learn more about who's cabin it is, who the enemy is, why he kidnapped you, and what he is trying to hide."
Story & Puzzles6
Other Items3

I’ll start off by saying that District 3 is a great escape room in Regina that is worth the drive from the surrounding area (we drove in from Hamilton, Ontario!) David and the game other hosts are enthusiastic and passionate and are the icing on the cake of a great experience. Their location has a huge set of board games for purchase and virtual escape rooms for you to try.

The Cabin and Cabin 2 are very storyline-driven rooms that utilize the same space much like Haunted and Arca Malum. We only completed the second part “Vendetta” and not the original. We were warned at the beginning that they had recently made some changes and there may be some kinks.

The room is pretty well made (like all of their rooms) and lighting and audio are well thought out. It has a creepy background story but it is not a scary room. There is some wear and tear (I think it’s one of their originals) that should be tended to and the decor seems fairly light for the size of the room.

I’ll just say it… This isn’t their best experience. Maybe we were tired, maybe we were hungry… But we were frustrated in this room. Even when the directions were made perfectly clear for more than one of their puzzles, it was just a bit too convoluted. This was only the second time ever that we’ve felt like just giving up in a room.

Look, we love the owner and the location and their other rooms, but this room just wasn’t great. Perhaps having more people would help? Their site does state that it’s possible for this room to be done with 2 to 8 people and recommends 4. I think 2 people is far too ambitious, but I also think a couple of puzzles just aren’t great.

DO book a room at District 3. Just… maybe not this one? (Sorry!)