8.3 / 10 Our Score
Shrouded in mystery, his assistant has vanished. All fingers are pointed at the magician. He is standing trial and time is running out. Can you uncover the real story?
Theme Consistency10
Story & Puzzle Quality9
Environment & Ambience8
Other Items6

This is one of three rooms at the Hamilton Escape Manor.  Once again the room starts off with an excellent presentation of the story by a team member who then shows you into the room.  The staff member did a great job at not giving us hints without us asking and the hints are delivered remotely as to not break the experience.

The environment is fairly well set up although there are a few elements that could use the slightest touch-up to make the start of the experience just right.  The story is clear throughout and items that you find reinforce the theme.  There are some fun and unique (and some frustrating) puzzles in this room.  We found that they weren’t all quite as well thought out as in the other rooms here and the number of puzzles was a bit lower than in other rooms. But overall a good experience with great visuals.

Overall the environment is well thought out, immersive, and fun to play in. There is a magical feeling to the whole experience that is naturally enjoyable. 

The room is a solid medium difficulty and could accommodate two to six players comfortably.