5 / 10 Our Score
This week, Professor Pettywood is away at a conference, so you decide to sneak into his Quarters and see what he’s hiding. His secretary will be returning from her break soon, so you must uncover his secret before she returns and finds you snooping around; which is grounds for expulsion!
Theme Consistency8
Story & Puzzle Quality7
Environment & Ambience3
Other Items2

Similar to other rooms at this location the immersion is fairly light.  While this room contains several areas to explore it feels very linear and forced to fit the space rather than being purpose-built.  It has some wear to it with some damaged decor.

The puzzles were good with the exception of one which the staff member admitted there was no way to tell rather than guessing. This is the phone number puzzle. Spolier: We recommend adding a signifier like a different number of stars on each card to explain the order in which the numbers must be entered. Other than that the puzzles were a nice range of styles and a decent challenge.

The introduction is via a video that we watched within the room after some short technical challenges.  We’d encourage the host to make sure everything is working before leading guests in. Hints are also delivered by the display within the room but waiting for the hint to appear or change caused us to waste time as it’s manually triggered.  The staff member was friendly but wasn’t following COVID protocols and didn’t wear a mask despite having to enter the room a couple of times.

Overall, the experience was enjoyable and is good for 2 to 6 people though the location charges for a minimum of 3 people.  It’s a good longer room that is good for a variety of skills.