6.5 / 10 Our Score
You and your team are trapped in a vortex. You will encounter many illusions and puzzles that could lead you out of the ever-spiraling vortex. Will you find the end in 60 minutes or less?
Theme Consistency9
Story & Puzzle Quality7
Environment & Ambience5
Other Items5

KW Escape is one of those rare gems in the escape room world. While there are some good run-by-the-owner rooms built into old office spaces, there are few like this.  The building is 6,000 square feet, it is extremely well run and professional, and I think I counted at least six staff moving about taking care of guests. Although we generally handle overall facility reviews through Google, it is worth mentioning here.

The staff here are great. Very friendly and helpful. The introduction is done via video in a closed room before they come back in and address you as “explorers”.  The hints are delivered by a very clever, electronic, self-serve system where you can press a button near a puzzle to get varying levels of detail that you choose. This is one of the best hint systems I’ve seen.

This room has some really cool environmental elements to it like some dark spaces with black lights, a cool light-up control panel, and some great electronic puzzles.

While there are some really cool puzzles in here with unique attributes, we found that some puzzles were a bit convoluted. It seems that even KW Escape knows this because, in a couple of places, they’ve provided written instructions on how to use some of the props (and even then it didn’t work that great). There is likely a better way to direct people towards those solutions.

As we’ve mentioned in other reviews, the walls here do not go to the ceiling (which is very high) which means you do hear noise from other rooms.  Additionally, there’s a lot of ambient light that comes into the room that shouldn’t be there. Being in a carpeted, well-lit, square room with white walls doesn’t really put me in the mindset of being in a spaceship. It’s disappointing because the other rooms we did here were incredible. This room does have one really unique section but you just pass through it momentarily.

I’d like to think that this room could be done with two people (we made some silly mistakes) but is so big that a group of six will be comfortable in it.

To be honest, this was my least favourite room here. It has some great potential but all the pieces just don’t come together well. KW Escape has better room options available.