6 / 10 Our Score
“That old hotel was always a place you wanted to stay, you had heard stories about the property..strange things happening, people seeing things..mysterious curses…You wanted to know for yourself, is it real? You decide to book this year’s vacation there and see for yourself what this creepy hotel is all about. No sooner do you arrive when something happens… A MURDER IN THE HOTEL!… Trapped inside you start to believe the rumours are true, something is very wrong with this place. Can you get out or will you succumb to the curse of this old property? “
Story & Puzzles6
Other Items4

The storyline for this escape room sounds spooky, but it’s really not. Potential spoiler: If you’re expecting a paranormal theme – this room is not that at all. It is very much “real world.” This starts off as one of the cooler rooms I’ve seen – a great immersive experience that clearly took a lot of money and effort. However, the puzzles were a different story.

Sometimes it’s a fine line between defining the puzzle as “hard” and defining the puzzle as “bad”. The interesting puzzles in this room are very clever and well laid out but they really don’t make sense for this sort of scenario. I imagine that’s quite a challenge for room creators. Some of these puzzles just wouldn’t make sense even in a paranormal setting. This is a murder after all, not a kidnapping with clues left behind.

There is a creepy factor to this room as you get further along as well as some good puzzles. Again – the puzzles aren’t the problem – it’s their presentation. Immersion isn’t a problem – but the puzzles don’t fit.

This is one of the harder rooms to judge because there’s so much good in it but we really just didn’t enjoy it. It was a disjointed experience that left us wanting to do a different room. You may have a very different experience and we invite you to try it out and let us know what you think.

We rated it as medium-hard because we don’t have a medium-bad rating.