“As you pull up to the deserted old mansion a feeling of dread begins to overtake you, something isn’t right. You should tell the driver to turn around and head back to the airport and never think about this place again but you can’t, a part of you has to know why. Why did she choose you? You take a deep breath and get out of the car, as you head toward the massive oak front door it slowly begins to open as though the door itself is inviting you inside. There is no turning back now…”

8 / 10 Our Score
Theme Consistency9
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience7
Other Items8

We completed this experience at Captive in Mississauga. The staff at this location were helpful, friendly, and engaging. The main area is not very large but they’ve made great use of the smaller space with clever room design.

13 Doors is the second room of this style that we’ve completed. Although much smaller than Exits at KW Escape, there is an actual theme and story that goes along with this room. Captive has also included some really clever personalization that takes a simple room concept and makes it intriguing.

We completed this room with two people but it could handle three or four well. More than that and it will become quite crowded. It was a medium difficulty with a wide range of puzzles. There was one issue that we could consider a major problem and should generally be avoided in escape rooms – something that must stay in place in order to solve the puzzle is easily movable making it impossible to solve without a hint. This needs to be changed.

For a small and simple room there was more attention to detail than most locations put into their full sized rooms. Even the ambient audio and lighting was considered which is often ignored.

There is no real immersion factor to this room as you’re clearly in an abnormal environment, yet Captive still paid attention to the format of the “help” system and cleverly integrated it into the theme.

For a smaller room, this room was a lot of fun and pretty good value. We’d definitely do this room again and recommend it to others. Hit that “Book Now” button below!