7 / 10 Our Score
Theme Consistency8
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience5
Other Items7

“You and your team find yourself in a shop with a variety of odd collections, weird gadgets, and other oddities. You have 60 minutes to explore, solve puzzles, open locks, and escape before The Odditorium closes! This is NOT a scary game.”

KW Escapes is a great location. We’ve done almost all of their rooms over a few visits and really enjoy it there. This is a next-level experience where you can tell that they’ve taken this business seriously. It’s enormous – 15,000 square feet – and the staff here are virtually unmatched for their enthusiasm, customer service, and charm.

The Odditorium is a fascinating space with a huge array of carefully curated oddities. If it were a real store, it would frankly be remarkable. The puzzles are clever and straightforward and progress through the room is logical. There are clever audio components but no special lighting. The props are great and there are little to no signs of repair or wear and tear in this room.

It’s a really cute space, and a fun and enjoyable room that’s great for anywhere from 2 to 8 players. We should’ve completed it with 3 but my overlooking of a very obvious solution and a sticky lock cost us the win. Make sure you really line up those numbers well!

I understand this location’s limitations on what they can do with the ceiling, but, the open ceiling does affect immersion in this room. It takes away the feeling of being in a shop. Perhaps adding some sort of cashier’s counter in the space would help it feel more like a store. And I suggest adding some type of crown molding or even wood like you’d see on a pergola to fake a ceiling and add some space-specific lighting. I think those things would bump the environment score right up.

Give this room a try and enjoy a more laid-back escape room experience.