“As top agents of T.Y.M.E. Corp, your mission is to go back in time to follow Mr. E’s tracks, successfully recover the items, and return them all where they belong to restore the timeline. Just remember we can only keep the time portal open for an hour, if you don’t make it back before that, you will become part of history itself…”

6.5 / 10 Our Score
Theme Consistency7
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience5
Other Items6

Ruze is a clever space tucked away in the basement of a building on Brant St. The foyer is pretty small and very light on the decor BUT don’t let this turn you off or take away from your upcoming experiences. These puzzle masters know how to put together a good challenge.

One nice extra about Ruze is that you can do bonus puzzles to collect “time fragments” which you can redeem for some small prizes.

Don’t get us wrong because of the score – Project:Bloom is a GOOD, but earlier-generation-style of room. It’s more puzzle-focused than immersion-focused and some of the props and decor are a bit chunky. You know what I mean – when early room builders build a lot out of thicker plywood. It lacks a little finesse.

However, the puzzles are logical and a great mix of skills. Everything worked well and we even saw some unique elements here which is pretty good when you’ve done 70+ rooms! The storyline is also really good and we played this room right into Project:Home which is the sequel to this room. The transition was very smooth and I recommend you book them back to back.

This room could use a decor update and we were concerned about the noise travel between rooms as the walls don’t go to the ceiling. But overall this was a fun room and medium difficulty with two players. It could accommodate 4 players comfortably before you begin to step on each other. With 4 players you should also be able to unlock all of the time fragments around the room in addition to the main storyline.