6.25 / 10 Our Score
"You are shipwrecked in the very heart of the Caribbean Sea on a tropical island. As you soon come to realize, this island is no paradise. You stumble onto what you assume to be an abandoned pirate’s hut on the cliff. As you walk towards the hut, the door opens and you see a pirate leave to go hunting. In need of food and water, you carefully venture inside. But just as soon as you enter, the door closes and locks behind you. A TRAP! The bloodthirsty one-eyed owner will come back from hunting soon. You best believe that when he returns, he will gladly make you his next trophy. Are these silent walls what you wish to see during the last fleeting moments of your life?"
Theme Consistency9
Story & Puzzle Quality9
Environment & Ambience6
Other Items6

Recently we did a small tour of the Barrie area but were only able to complete one room at each of the locations. Zenith has excellent general reviews on Google so we wanted to give their rooms a try. Their location is very well run and the staff are welcoming and friendly.

The room has a nice ambiance to it and you immediately make the connection from the intro video to the room. I love that the majority of puzzles are wood and fit with the theme very well. There were some clever unique pieces here which we enjoyed. The puzzles are logical and all worked well and everything worked as expected.

The room is dark – a couple of times maybe a bit too dark but it helps with the atmosphere. The lighting throughout the room is thoughtful. There is great audio cues throughout that help with the immersion. There are a few elements that could be improved like the floor and ceiling and covering up exposed electronics and that hurts the immersion a bit.

With the high quality of props, good story, and well-thought-out puzzles, it would be nice to see the final decor touches added to this room.

This room is an easy-medium difficulty and is doable with two people but the large space could hold up to 6 comfortably.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. We’re hoping to go back and try some other rooms.