7.3 / 10 Our Score
"We are glad to have investigators of your skill here to help us figure out what’s going on. Our patients have been disappearing, never to be heard from again. Families are worried, and the warden is losing his mind! You’ve got one hour until Dr. Von Arnburg comes to collect new patients for shock therapy. See if you can find any incriminating evidence that might help us figure out what has been happening to our patients!"
Theme Consistency7
Story & Puzzle Quality6
Environment & Ambience7
Other Items9

With such an incredible rating on Google we just had to check this place out. We were well received and the staff are friendly and helpful.

This room is a sort of reclaimed space from a location that shut down. I actually love this idea as it allows venues to get tried and tested experiences into a new region while helping the previous owner pay for whatever replaces it. It’s good for the escape room owners and it’s good for enthusiasts. The only problem is that by the time one location is done with it, there’s some repairs needed to get it back up to snuff. This room does need some TLC.

I really liked the story and the room was well laid out with good puzzles that require some thought. Being an older room there is a bit of math involved which we don’t mind but newer rooms tend to shy away from. Everything was logical but we had a challenge with one numeric lock that had the wrong code set (it happens) and one technical element that didn’t work when it was supposed to and needed a hint. Ultimately, we had to guess because they didn’t realize it wasn’t working until the end of the game. It will likely be fixed by the time you visit.

Though some of the puzzle elements were really good (like the ink blot tests and color puzzles) we don’t love when when there are what we’d consider shortcuts to a riddle. Spoiler: Like writing numbers on a painting. There’s a better way. We also like that they included some of their own unique elements over the previous location – unique things we hadn’t encountered before. There’s also a Part 2 available in the same room where you continue the story line but we didn’t have a chance to do that while we were there.

We had some mixed feelings about this room but please try it for yourself and feel free to leave a comment below!

We completed this room in the allotted time and found it a medium-difficulty. There’s enough space for 4 people but it may feel crowded if you get above 6.