8.3 / 10 Our Score
“You will be going undercover into Hamilton’s #1 gang operation, in hopes of finally putting them away for good. We have people on the inside disguised as KeyMasters employees who will help you get in undetected, but you only have a 1-hour window. Good luck recruits!”
Theme Consistency10
Story & Puzzle Quality9
Environment & Ambience6
Other Items8

The Alley is a very well set up room requiring individual skill as well as good teamwork. The space is large enough for multiple people (four to eight) to keep busy and challenges a variety of ways of thinking.

This room was difficult but good. The puzzles were very clear and well thought out and well laid out. Each time we got stumped it was definitely our fault.

The environment is excellent – no noise from other rooms, almost no “don’t touch this” stickers, and no inappropriate lighting. Some ambient audio would be the perfect finishing touch.

The host couldn’t have been better. He interjected and appropriate times and gave no more information than we wanted. The hints were very subtle but perfectly clear.

I made one recommendation where I felt like an environmental feature didn’t really make sense, but it still worked well as-is.

This was a fantastic experience and we definitely recommend going to check out The Alley.