8 / 10 Our Score
“Legend has it, by simply entering the graveyard you become cursed and unable to leave unless you can solve the graveyards mysteries. You must end the curse on MaComb and find the key to escape the graveyard. You have 60 minutes, or your soul will be swallowed by the graveyard forever.”
Theme Consistency9
Story & Puzzle Quality9
Environment & Ambience6
Other Items8

This room became one of the first rooms we did together that we could call a favourite.  Though the room is not scary, it definitely has an eery vibe to it.  It is very immersive and makes you feel as if you’re in a graveyard in the middle of the night.

Though this room physically needs three people two complete at least two of the puzzles, the host was kind of enough to join us when needed and follow our directions even when we were completely wrong.

The puzzles were unique and the story-line engaging despite using a video to tell the story.  Some of the technology wasn’t working quite perfectly but the spaces are fantastic and very immersive. We absolutely loved this room, the location, the hosts, and everything about it.

We put the difficulty at medium-hard and it can handle 3 to 6 players very well.  Work quickly or you’ll run out of time in this very large space! This room made our list of the Best Immersive Escape Rooms.

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