7 / 10 Our Score
"Your parents have mysteriously gone missing. Your search for them has led you to a local masonic lodge. Once you are inside, the door locks behind you and your only way out may be to go through the initiation process. There is no turning back now…."
Theme Consistency8
Story & Puzzle Quality7
Environment & Ambience5
Other Items8

The Secret Society room at Alcatraz was one of my favourite rooms that we didn’t complete.  Often when we fail at rooms I like to believe that it’s because the puzzles were convoluted or just plain bad.  This room is HARD with good puzzles (except maybe one) that take a lot of thinking!

This room is exactly what a Secret Society escape room should be, full of intrigue and mystery and a little bit of danger. The experience is immersive and the staff was great, giving hints only as we needed.

This is one room where I would say a larger group is better – at least four individuals who will examine the many elements of the room from a different perspective.  The locks are fairly typical but the answers will take a unique way of thinking – although, there was at least one puzzle that didn’t entirely make sense to us.  We knew what to do but even when doing it, it didn’t really work as intended.

Lighting and decor are dynamic and follow the theme well but some ambient sounds would be nice.

If you have a larger experienced group that is finding rooms too easy, give this one a try.  We’re rating this one as hard!