8 / 10 Our Score
“As students of Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry, you’re no stranger to secrets and mystery. However, one confirmed legend of the school has never been found – the chambers of Salazar Slytherin. Many have tried but non have even found a single clue alluding to it… until now. As you were perusing the library one night, a particular book called out to you – not for how unique it looks, but rather how ordinary it was. If you had not had a misfired spell that accidentally shot in that direction, you would’ve never noticed it. Opening it up, the pages were empty except for one line: “The home of Salazar Slytherin lies behind the green stone eyes.”
Theme Consistency10
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience7
Other Items7

E-Exit has a very nice location in Yorkville in Toronto.  The location is great – close to restaurants and transit or paid parking.  It looks really nice inside and the staff were friendly and helpful.

The story was delivered without much enthusiasm but the goal was clear nevertheless.  And although we didn’t need much assistance, the communication was a bit abrupt and the ending was a little bit weird.

The room looks good and the areas are distinct and well made and appropriately lit.  It would be nice to have a bit of variation in ambient audio from space to space.  There are several “do not touch” stickers here and I feel like it would’ve been better for the host to just say “please don’t touch this really cool prop” rather than having stickers on it.

The puzzles are logical and fun and follow the story very well.  There was a good mix of unique and traditional puzzles in this room.  The room is not very hard and would be great for newer groups or groups with kids.  The puzzles are very linear in this room.  The room can accommodate 2 to 4 players quite well but above that, you’ll find some people just standing around.

We did enjoy this room and would recommend trying it out!

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