5.8 / 10 Our Score
Word around the block is that strange things have been happening. Disappearing pets, reports of strange animals, and now, your classmate who’s been acting strange suddenly stopped coming to school. Upon arriving at his home, you find the door unlocked. You enter, unbeknownst of the dangers you are about to encounter. Will you be able to save your classmate? Or will you fall victim to the trap that’s soon to be sprung?
Theme Consistency5
Story & Puzzle Quality7
Environment & Ambience7
Other Items4

E-Exit has a very nice location in Yorkville in Toronto.  The location is great – close to restaurants and transit or paid parking.  It looks really nice inside and the staff at the counter were friendly and helpful.

Much like other rooms we’ve done here the story was delivered without much enthusiasm but the narrative and goal were clear nevertheless.  They are great at delivering hints – very quick and effective and always happy.  However, we had a major technical issue in this room which required them to come into the room to address it.  Even after they addressed it there were major challenges with the technology that cost us a lot of time.  When we ran out of time the attendant offered to sell us an extension on the time for $5 per person.  While I think this is a clever and appropriate practice, it was not appropriate in this situation where our delays were caused by technology issues.

The atmosphere is really good and most puzzle elements worked well.  The Stranger Things theme is very strong throughout. My partner felt they could’ve gone further with the decor and I do agree that there are additional things that could make the build a bit more immersive, but overall, I liked the atmosphere.

The puzzles were a good mix of traditional and unique puzzles but again we had technology issues on another puzzle further down the line.  I don’t want to spoil anything but I will say that we’ve seen this sort of trigger be implemented much better before.  If you get the answer right, but it doesn’t work because you need a certain technique or finesse, maybe it’s not the best choice for your room.

I really wanted to like this room more because the theme is great and the atmosphere is great but those technical issues combined with the staff being sub-par here really negatively affected this experience.

This room is medium-hard and you’ll benefit from having 3 to 6 players.  But, if the technology doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how many players you have.

Feel free to give it a try and leave your own review in the comments!