3.8 / 10 Our Score
“It’s 1976! You and your friends have snuck into a high school Seniors house to save all the juniors from tomorrows huge prank at school. Can you get out before they return home? Don’t get caught!”
Theme Consistency4
Story & Puzzle Quality6
Environment & Ambience3
Other Items2

This 70’s theme room had an interesting storyline and is in the same location as one of our favourite rooms, The Morgue.  However, this room turned out to be our least favourite room we’ve ever done.

It’s hard to sell complex puzzles (magnetic locks) in a real-world setting like a home because, while people may put a lock on a cabinet, they’re unlikely to concoct elaborate magnetically triggered doors.  That aside, the puzzles were decent. There is no staff involvement in this room. The introduction is done by the host rather than a video which is nice.

This room is very small with few puzzles and the puzzles were a bit at the easy of the spectrum.  In this room, there is a clue to a puzzle that they don’t think people will pick up on.  We did notice it however which allowed us to complete the room much quicker than intended and bypass two other puzzles.

Instead of the host saying “darn! You noticed it!” he actually entered the room and said “you’re not supposed to do that yet!” and relocked the puzzles we “weren’t supposed to” have done.  Obviously, this is a real break in immersion and is a result of the puzzles being easy and hints being left in the room, I’d hate to say it, carelessly.  This also lowered the difficulty substantially for anyone observing the details of the room and narrative.

If you do decide to visit we recommend sticking to The Morgue and avoiding Fazed and Confused.