7.3 / 10 Our Score
Can you find the Holy Grail and keep it out of the clutches of evil?
Theme Consistency8
Story & Puzzle Quality7
Environment & Ambience6
Other Items8

Lift Lock Escapes makes some really interesting rooms.  The thing that got us today is how they fit so much in a relatively small space. They make great use of technology for dramatic reveals. When we first did this room we saw elements that we hadn’t seen anywhere before.

The rooms are quite immersive but do have a slight commercial-space feel to them at times. There are little to no “do not touch” signs and the story is present throughout.  You understand why you’re there and what you need to do.  They have great intro videos that don’t rely on cheesy deep voices to explain the mystery.

The hint system uses a doorbell (which we’ve seen in other places) which means that the staff member needs to enter the room to give you the hint which is definitely a break in the immersion. I do really like their hint system, however, which requires you to find hint “tokens” throughout the room that you can trade for hints.

This room is well put together with a lot of props and items to use (or not use) and requires some unique methods of exploring the space.

We would encourage you to check out this room next time you’re in town. It’s a medium-difficulty room that would be fun with a group of 4 but may be tight with more.